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Curators: LST with Erik Steffen
| Berlin | Oranienstr. 14a [at Heini]
Tuesday 13.12.2022 at 8 pm
Hechtfang Poster

No track record of a fucking year. Hooray, we're still alive. Forget it, in my pubs the exits are filled with fresh meat divers. But mass is not class, begin to alienate.

Kreuzberg, the world in the abysses of Oranienstrasse has described and painted the neighborhood poet Frank-Kirk Ehm-Marks (1961-2022), endart. Goldener Hahn, NO! art, Red Rose, Mongo Bar, docking points next to the dealer on Kotti. Many like him now history. Heroin was his antiserum against the crappiness of things, unfortunately with side effects and self-extinguisher. Happiness on the Hollywood swing ended in A monotonous life in unadorned space.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, 8 p.m., he will be remembered. Kreuzberg Punch and Judy show. At Goldener Hahn, Oranienstraße 14a, with Harry Hass, matt grau, Lars, Herr Blum, text flex.

I thank all the dirtbags [Drecksäcke] of this world for supporting this event. The fight goes on!

Everybody dies alone. But together the farewells are better to bear. What remains is the immeasurable rage over the losses. - Best Erik

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Comment: Susanne Latteck | Facebook | 12/14/2022 #19 pm: He can read, too. For the first time, Thomas didn't sing his song lyrics, but read them aloud. Yesterday, at the Goldenen Hahn. In memory of our friend Frank-Kirk, NO!art artist and founder of the Kreuzberg Kasperletheater.

Lesung Blum

LST & Mattgrau
LST & Mattgrau

Comment from LST — I will audition this: SOUND FOR NO!art IN BUCHENWALD | GERMAN BRAINDED TERZETT | Recorded at melk36-Studio Berlin, April 2003 | CD, 14 minutes | Vocal: Frank Ehm-Marks | Bass guitar: LST | Loops: Peter Meseck | Edition: 5 expl., dated, signed, numbered, Berlin 2003

Braindead Terzett, CD cover

1. Intro by Frank Bla Marks (2:58)

2. Text: Boris Lurie from Aug 2, 1997 (0:29)

3. Cut-up of Boris Lurie's writings (2:46)

4. Cut-up of Boris Lurie's writings (2:50)

5. Text: Boris Lurie from Sept 9, 1997 (1:12)

6. Cut-up from Boris Lurie's writings (2:37)

ABOUT THE GERMAN BRAINDEAD TERZETT: These three young Berlin braindead artists are Peter Meseck, LST, and Frank-Kirk Ehm-Mark. They were strongly involved in NO!art in BUCHENWALD. Their music for BUCHENWALD is an expression of experimental work with different sounds. Scratch loops work together with different vocal and guitar vibrations. They are involved in the NO!art movement since many years and were fascinated about the book  NO!art in BUCHENWALD. That is why they set to music some of the texts from BORIS LURIE'S Geschriebigtes/ Gedichtigtes.

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